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MyPubFund is a crowdfunding platform exclusively for publishing.  Here you will see a selection of every genre of books from around the world.




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Crowdfunding is a great way to help finance the publication of your new book. 

MyPubFund makes it easier than ever to succeed at reaching your goals

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we've leveled the playing field

We’ve taken traditional crowdfunding to a whole new level for AUTHORS ONLY!  Other crowdfunding sites offer a platform for anyone to raise money. That means you have to hope your sponsors don’t get distracted by those causes for your furry competitors or the newest techno gizmo before they find and commit to supporting you with their dollars.  We’ve eliminated the distractions and focused on creating a platform that showcases authors’ books and only author’s books.  The core concept of pre-selling and essentially crowdfunding was created by publishers, and we’re bringing that focus back to where it belongs – getting more authors published and more books sold.

success leveraging

Along with making your project easier to find and fund, we’re removing the greatest pitfalls of crowdfunding a book project to up the success factor and simplify the process for beginners and pros alike.  Every project is reviewed and cost quoted by our professional publishing experts to ensure your goals are not only precise but attainable.  Under costing, or over costing a project can lead to big trouble with succeeding in reaching your goal.  Supporters feel better pledging their money, and in larger amounts, when they know a project is accurate, attainable, and able to fulfill its promises.

Flexible Options

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms we know every author’s vision is unique and so are their funding needs.  You choose the way your campaign moves your book forward by choosing how and when the funding is applied to your goal. Some authors need a little help completing an ongoing book project, some know the value of having professional services assist them in their self-publishing / Indie publishing efforts, and some authors need to fund their book from scratch. We know what authors want and need and that is why we offer FlexFunding.

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Created to raise more money online exclusively for authors than any other platform.


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 We’ve taken traditional crowdfunding to a whole new level.  We’ve eliminated the distractions and focused on creating a platform that showcases author’s books and only author’s books.  The core concept of pre-selling and essentially crowdfunding was created by publishers and we’re bringing that focus back to where it belongs, getting more authors published and more books sold.


 Funding Publication

Crowdfunding, at its most basic form, is the raising of money by donation from the community, typically using an online audience. The idea is to gather funds from willing donors to support your work, even if it’s only a few dollars per person! Do not underestimate people. A simple two dollars from several hundred people adds up fast, and you get to keep every dollar you earn. We know crowdfunding may be daunting, but it gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience directly, and that gives you a unique experience who wouldn’t get through traditional publishing.


  You’re Worth It!

 Now more than ever, crowdfunding is the right tool to can help bring your latest project to life! With our knowledge and your creativity, the road to publication looks clear! However, before you can start trekking that road there are a few things you should know about crowdfunding, and about us.  Crowdfunding is  an effort based ROI (return on investment) option for getting the funding you need for your publishing goals.  With a little elbow grease and a solid plan you can reap great rewards with a crowdfunding campaign.  And we’ve got the resources to help you succeed.

Making it even simpler to get your project found and funded

we’ve created catagories for backers to easily locate your genre and project.

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