Welcome to the next chapter in publishing MyPubFund

We Know What It Takes

MyPubFund was created exclusively by publishing experts for funding publishing projects ONLY.

We know that the majority of books don’t reach their funding goals on other sites due to a myriad of pitfalls setup to make them fail.  We’ve removed those pitfalls and created a simple step by step process designed to be a life line to accomplishing your publishing goals with support from the people who know what it takes to get published.

We’re Different Because You’re Different

We’ve spent years studying and using crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, IndieGoGo, Patreon, and many others.  What we discovered was that authors were just another category for most crowdfunding sites.   And for us, that just wasn’t good enough. 

That’s why we created MyPubFund!  Our site is different than any other crowdfunding site or author support site because we’ve created the world’s simplest way to get the money you need for your writing success.   We’ve made this site easy to navigate, taken the guesswork out of how to create a campaign that works for your individual needs, and is flexible to allow you more options to go from written to published faster. 

Surprise! No surprises!

Successful funding is all about knowing what to expect. 


With MyPubFund you get a complete project analysis worksheet, based on your publishing goals AND the costs associated with getting the funding you want.  So there are never any surprises in the costs when you go to publish, or shortages when fulfilling rewards to supporter’s pledges.

Our step by step support gets you up and going and will have you getting funding like a pro in no time!  With comprehensive guides, videos, messenger and email support, plus live weekly webinars you’re never going it alone.  We’ve also created a section just for you to find or create awards for their campaign based on individual themes, funding goals, and budget.

How much does it cost to use MyPubFund?

It’s free to setup your MyPubFund project account!  How much you spend to support your campaign and assign awards is completely up to you.  When you’re campaign is completed and your pledges processed MyPubFund will deduct a 5% platform fee based on your total amount.  PayPal is the secure processing system used by MyPubFund for credit card pledges and their credit card processing fees are 3% plus .30 per transaction.  So there are no additional fees to run a campaign on MyPubFund’s premium publishing site vs. the general crowdfunding sites (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe).  PLUS with MyPubFund you’ll have a greater chance of capturing those pledge dollars than on sites that pit your project against campaigns for the needs of the cute and furry, the adorable children, and the latest greatest products and tech.

MyPubFund puts it’s money where your campaigns are, on our site!  Every dollar that MyPubFund spends on advertising benefits your campaign by bringing traffic of backers who want to support writing and publishing projects to the site.  From the moment you open a campaign on MyPubFund we instantly become a part of your “Tribe,” by drawing potential backers through our marketing dollars and increasing your chances of reaching your goal.


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