David hails from the Midwest, New England states and several southern states (Louissiana, Texas and Florida). Currently, David lives in Florida. His schooling was achieved in the Midwest, New
England States, Puerto Rico (2 years), Texas and Florida. Higher learning schools he attended were in Texas and predominantly Florida where he's earned his degrees. He worked in allopathic medicine, holistic medicine, in the therapeutic industry, the spa, medical laboratory and orthopedic medicine. As a teacher, he held gigs teaching foreign languages, was an online master teacher etc. He's trained both in voice and theater.

Currently, he's a children's author too, has published 1 novel and is working on a translating the novel, while also finishing up an American Essay & Novel. The topics he writes about while menial, petty, bijou and often frivolous, contain a lot of essential medical and healthcare information, in fact both novels. The Children's Story Book instead focuses on learning strategies, writing, Christmas and provides a Christmas Vocal and Orchestra reference for English, Spanish, French, Greek, Russian, German and Japanese Christmas Songs (the focus being Spanish, English and French, the languages he knows best).

You are welcomed to visit his Instagram @gistrative and @davidfwordpress; his Tik Tok @clucksclucks. His page is currently under construction at https://www.leafrustles.store.

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