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The pre-launch

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Flex-fund Campaigning

Nowhere else will you find a more customizable solution to your publishing funding needs. 

Explore the details of your options below.



Publish as you go!

The fastest way to go from funding to published and it’s only available on MyPubFund.

 With this option you will receive a customized quote to accomplish publishing goals broken down into the step by step process.  This allows you and your backers to not only know exactly where your pledged dollars are going but see it happening!  Each step is clearly outlined by cost and we are able to begin your process as soon as your pledges reach an amount to fulfill that service step.  By starting your publishing process well before you reach your total funding goal, you could have your entire book ready for sale by the end of the campaign!  It’s a proven fact that campaigns where backers can see the benefit of their contributions in the advancement of the process are more likely to get larger pledges and fund fully, faster, and often exceed their goal! 



  • No waiting for the end of the campaign to start publishing 
  • Backers pledge more because they can see and are involved in the progress
  • Your book could be on its way to store shelves by the time your campaign is over
  • Since you’re using our services you’ll receive a professional discount 

Partnership funding

Get funding for just those professional services you need.

With this type of campaign we work with you to determine exactly what author services you need from us and which you’ll be doing on your own.  This provides a clear path to publishing so your backers know your project is supported by an expert in the publishing industry while contributing to support your entrepreneurial efforts.  At the end of your campaign funds are first applied to the services you choose to have us complete with the balance of funds distributed directly to you!


  •  Pick and choose just the services you need
  • Since this type of funding goal is usually lower there is a higher chance of meeting or exceeding your goal
  • You can create a professionally competitive book at a lower cost
  • Since you’re using our services you’ll receive a professional discount

Freedom funding

A more traditional approach. Choose to use our services, go to a competitor, or fully publish your book on your own. 

This option was designed for authors who successfully reach their funding goals to withdraw their funds and disperse them in any way they wish to fulfill the publishing of their books.  This is a great option if you are a veteran self-publishing author who just needs financial support for your printing and marketing costs!  Authors choosing this option can receive a project analysis at a reduced fee to ensure they are realistically setting funding goals that meet their publishing goals and ensuring they have prepared for the cost of running a campaign and fulfilling their pledge rewards.



  • Authors have complete control of the choices they make in their publishing providers
  • Don’t meet your goal you have no rewards to payout
  • You can use the money for any purpose you choose

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