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Childrens Book & Reference for English, Spanish & French. Please read author's bio.


Pledged of $700,000 Goal
Ended On
Childrens Book & Reference for English, Spanish & French
Level 1: 1$ to $1K: $1.00

Level 1 Donation: $1 to $1K Level 1 is Designed so everyone can participate in this project.  Fits everyone's budget.

Limit: 0 of 1000 Taken
Level 2: $1,001 to $25K: $1,001.00

Level 2: $1,001 to $25K Level 2 Allows any serious interested party the capacity to participate in this project.  Level 2 is designed to get the ball rolling, the book into editing and publishing right away, now.

Limit: 0 of 25000 Taken
Level 3: $25,001 to $100K: $25,001.00

Level 3: $25,001 to $100K Level 3 is designed with the commercial factors in mind with advertising, marketing etc to get the book sold to those who are serious and interested in a year-round Christmas Reference Book for Children.

Limit: 0 of 100000 Taken
Level 4: $100,001 to $300K: $100,001.00

Level 4: $100,001 to $300K Level 4 designed for those participants that want the book now, published, finished polished and well marketed in all locations that demand the book and subject matter.  It is an academic and scholarly book for children and adults alike.  Please refer to the author's bio.

Limit: 0 of 300000 Taken
Level 5: $300,001 to $700K: $300,001.00

Level 5: $500,001 to $700K Level 5 is designed to promote the book using all means and measures to make it available as soon as possible to all locations with advertising and marketing beyond the publishers' menu of services.  This level all seeks to provide access to the book with continuous printing on demand for all regions while also providing memorabilia.

Limit: 0 of 700000 Taken
Step 1: Specify your contribution amount for Childrens Holiday Book & reference